old cassettes & cigarettes will be the ones to save you

back when we were all just paper cuts

KSnuggs, foo.
15 May 1991

in the kingdom of rust.
me. Nerd. Is copying Heathus. Brown hair. Green eyes. Flighty. Passionate. Music lover. Works With Her Hands. Lover of the Nice Boys. Bitter dreamer. Mood: apathetic. Big on the pig. Zombie fighter. Axe throwing warrior. Driver; now threatening people on the entire East Coast. Pez lover. Nutting up or shutting up since 1991. Anglophile. Bibliophile. Blood thirsty brute of a girl. Mutt. Has The Other Woman Fetish. Sole Braider of the Angel Castiel's hair. Collector of Dreams. The bad cop (you bring the coffee, I bring the fist). Exhibitionist since 08. Where muses come to die.
loves. lilies. Scotsmen who say "och, aye." books. zombies. string quartets. shrieking in horror. long walks in the woods. riding ponies with all my clothes on, "pioneers, oh pioneers!" writing porny personal fantasies. hubris. medics wandering foxholes looking for scissors. men in glasses with blood and babies. Cajun accents. boys who scream like girls. girls who fight like boys. shotguns. dreams. nightmares. scarves. sweatshirts that are too big. people pretending to be ninjas. birthday cake ice cream. Young Ian Murray. sad songs that sound happy. disney movies that make you cry so hard you laugh. disney movies that make you laugh so hard you cry. never letting go of Jack, while dislodging his frozen paw from mine.
tele. Band of Brothers. The Black Donnellys. Merlin. Glee. Skins. Primeval. Alice. The Pacific. Generation Kill. Castle. Psych. Covert Affairs. White Collar. Bones. A Song of Ice and Fire. Doctor Who.
ship. Percy/Calypso. Effy/JJ/Panda. Tony/Cassie. Merlin/Morgana. Sam/Jo. Quinn&Kurt. Castiel/Me. Young Ian Murray/world. Jon Snow/Ygritte. Arya/Gendry. Robb Stark/Jeyne. Robb/Me/Jon. And that is all you need to know.

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alona tal, band of brothers, eugene roe, gendry the bullheaded bastard, katie mcgrath, marauders, martha jones, percy jackson, shane taylor, skins, sonic screwdrivers, the ghost squad, the-king-in-the-north, water dancing, ygritte's lucky hair, you-know-nothing-jon-snow, young ian murray